About Uni & Jack

We are Uni and Jack, a brother and sister growing up in the UK. We do our best to look after our world and nature and creatures and we love to play and climb and jump and sing and dance.



Jack loves his sister: “Uni hates itchy clothes and things made by people or children who are sad. Uni likes climbing trees and running wild and her favourite colour is blue and she is fed up when she can’t find practical but gorgeous girls clothes. Uni wears comfy pants now and she doesn’t fidget all the time anymore.”

At Uni & Jack we stock GOTS Organic Cotton clothes … made to high ethical standards and kind to the environment

Uni looks after her brother: “Jack loves bright boys clothes and doesn’t understand why he has to be a footballer or naughty or cheeky or always wear blue or brown. He loves all nature like butterflies and whales and bats. We both love playing in mud and trees and making pizza and camping and having family picnics at nature reserves and woods where Daddy works.”

We don’t market our collections on gender lines, leaving children and parents to choose colours and prints they love and make your own minds up on who suits what

We don’t mind sharing our clothes because it means that Mum can buy things that are really nice without having to throw them away before they get holes and then even give them to our friends at the end because actually they don’t get holes. We like sharing most of the time except for sometimes.

When our baby cousin was in her mummy’s tummy Mum wanted to buy her something called “unisex in bright colours” but everything was all pink and blue or white and brown.

Our favourite things from Mum’s webshop:

Jack loves Piccalilly and DUNS Sweden because the clothes are really colourful, Engel organic merino because it keeps him warm, and Maxomorra because they make the best organic pyjamas and sometimes he can wear onesies all day long if he keeps quiet.

Uni loves Living Crafts and Maxomorra knickers because they are soft and mean she can climb trees in skirts and no one minds and DUNS Sweden because it is full of nature and wildlife prints and has the funkiest organic knee length socks around.

We love Mum’s webshop because she can stay at home with us a bit more and we like posting things in the post box 🙂 … now can we go and play?

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Uni & Jack are delighted to support North Wales Wildlife Trust, a local charity that is close to our hearts as a family. Find out more about the fabulous wildlife and nature conservation work that we support as Natural Partners at www.northwaleswildlifetrust.org.uk – each season we choose a gorgeous wildlife print and give 5% donation to help wildlife in North Wales.