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Organic planet

Pesticide free farming means a safe environment for wildlife and farmers. There are many facts and figures about the effects of dangerous chemicals on human health and wildlife, and new evidence is emerging all the time. Most recently, and close to home for us in the UK, the European Commission has placed a temporary suspension on neonicotinoids, which are believed to be killing our bees and other pollinators, whilst further research is carried out.

Organic farming is based on sustainable, healthy soils with a biodiversity of seeds and wildlife, which will ultimately protect the livelihood and health of the farmers who work on them. Non-renewable resources such as synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and genetically modified seeds are not permitted in an organic system.

To be sure a product really is organic from field to finished product, look out for either the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) symbol, the Soil Association symbol or the Organic Exchange symbol.

Uni and Jack are committed to supplying underwear that is certified by these organisations.


Organic pounds – what can you do?

Thank you for shopping organic. The organic pound is thriving. Shopping here at Uni and Jack helps to raise the noise to a clarion call – “parents care about the future of our children’s planet!”


Organic suppliers

Our current GOTS certified organic kids underwear and clothing suppliers are:

Living crafts - soft organic underwear

Living Crafts: Living Crafts has offered organic textiles for for the entire family for over 25 years.

Maxomorra - organic Scandinavian childrens clothes

Maxomorra: Funky and bright Scandinavian organic clothes for kids.

DUNSSweden logo thin

DUNS Sweden: Bright unisex Scandinavian designs with nature and wildlife prints galore.

MTAF logo

More than A Fling: A sister brand to DUNS Sweden, More than A Fling has bright simple Scandi prints that keep the price down without compromising on quality.

Doodle Do organic cotton gender neutral LOGO

Doodle Do: Unisex children’s clothes made for play from an Anglo Indian designer in the United Kingdom.

Piccalilly logo

Piccalilly: Contemporary and comfortable clothes for toddlers and children, a British brand with its heart in Yorkshire


Engel: GOTS certified organic merino wool and wool/silk mix underwear for children.


Geggamoja: Bright stripes and plains unisex clothes for children, designed in Sweden and made from quality organic cotton.

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Organic people

Choosing organic cotton underwear for your children means that the layer of clothing closest to their skin will be free from potentially harmful, toxic or irritant chemical residues. For me, this feels even more important with underwear, which, as anyone potty training will tell you, is likely to get wet from time to time!

The absence of chemicals in organic cotton is especially happy news for children with eczema and sensitive skin. Any wearer of organic cotton is also likely to tell you that it just feels different when you put it on, super soft and with a thickness that speaks of quality.


Organic products

Non-organic cotton clothes have generally been treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinking effects of heat. Organic cotton does not have chemicals so in high heat it is possible for it to shrink. Washing at lower temperatures and drying by natural methods are recommended, and are better for the planet too.

Without the weakening effects of nasty chemicals organic cotton is very hard wearing and is well suited to the kind of punishment that our children will give it. Get those organic pants whizzing down some slides!

How to take care of your 100% Merino wool vests …. wool is naturally anti-bacterial and can be left without washing for much of the time if it is aired. If you do choose to wash it, take care, as it is a delicate fabric. Interestingly, the detergent you use is as important as the washing method and a specialist wool detergent should be used – avoid anything with bleach as this can damage the fibres. Ideally wash by hand, and at hand temperature – both water that is too hot or too cold can cause problems. Some wool garments now allow for 30% machine wool washes in wool detergent, but check the manufacture’s guidance. Happy washing!

Check out this guide from Engel about washing organic wool products … Engel washing wool guide


Organic principles

As well as sourcing organic clothing for resale here at Uni and Jack we also try to make a difference to the planet with other sustainable business practices. For example our electricity supply comes from renewable sources, we have an ethical bank account, our packaging is biodegradable, we print on paper from renewable sources, recycle and reuse waste where possible, and our Xerox 8560 printer uses wax instead of toner, which means there are no huge toner cartridges going into landfill. We are not claiming to be perfect, but we aim to make ethical and environmentally friendly business choices where possible. We truly believe that real change can come about by little people changing the little things in life to make a big difference.