Living crafts ~ Taupe organic merino wool & mulberry silk long pants base layer

Organic taupe merino wool / silk blend long johns for toddlers

Mushroom coloured striped unisex super soft merino wool long johns leggings base layer.

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Organic taupe merino wool / silk blend long johns for babies and young children

Plain and simple mushroom coloured striped unisex super soft merino wool base layer leggings for girls, boys and toddlers. Lovely quality cotton underwear that will keep your little one snug as a bug in the cold winter months. Plain and simple quality clothing for little ones! Natural white leggings available in the same organic range.

These organic leggings have a small bird at the waist and are simple natural base layers made from luxurious mulberry silk 30% and soft merino wool 70%.

About Living Crafts Virgin Wool / silk

Living crafts organic wool/silk underwear is made from merino sheep wool and luxury quality mulberry silk grown in India. This blend is breathable whilst it also keeps you warm, and can still be machine-washed at 30° (wool cycle) with special detergents. Living crafts wool is hand-shorn and processed without the use of chemicals, though it is treated with natural enzymes.  As a result, the soft textiles made from Living Wool and blended with silk are particularly suitable for persons suffering from allergies and those with sensitive skin.


The Living Crafts sizing labels on these wool/silk leggings are 74/80 (fits an average 6-12 months baby) / 86/92 cm (fits an average 2-3 year old) / 104 cm (fits an average 3-4 year old) . According to customer feedback the sizing is generous.

Living Crafts sizing follows the European method, which refers to the height rather than age. The label inside this garment refers to height in cm which applies to the measurement from the top of the head to the heel.

Care: Wool is naturally antibacterial and so requires less washing. Best washed in the machine at 30% using detergents for wool fabrics. Reshape whilst damp

GOTS Certifed manufacturer – Living Crafts