Sizing guidance

Scandi and European sizing guidance for children’s clothes

Aaargh – confused by Scandi sizing? You have come to the right place!

If Scandi sizing is making you want to pull your hair out, take a deep breath. Maxomorra have provided a great sizing guide to help.

Basically, the very best thing that you can do is measure the height of your child from head to toe. All European sizing is based on this magic height. Most of the manufacturers also give some size and age guidance, but these all tend to differ. Here at Uni and Jack we list our sizes with the heights and the individual manufacturer guidance but do remember that this is really just the manufacturer’s own best guess as to age …. and as we know, children come in all shapes and sizes. Also each brand has their own sizing quirks to contend with. Perhaps Scandi children are tall and thin, as feedback suggests that Maxomorra can be skinny fitting on babies though large on older children! Many mothers can fit cloth bums into Maxomorra dungarees but some have found legs can be tight on chubsters! Geggamoja however has a self declared generous fit! Online forums such as “Love for the Scandi UK”, “Independently Organic” and “Scandi / European Clothes buy and sell” are full of Mums with hands on experience. Finally please do feel free to ask for help here at Uni and Jack … I’m handy with a tape measure!

Maxomorra sizing guide 2015 Babies

Maxomorra 2015 size chart babies

Maxomorra sizing guide 2015 Children

Maxomorra 2015 size chart children

Maxomorra sizing guide 2015 Adults

Maxomorra 2015 size chart adult

Maxomorra sizing guide 2016 … coming soon babies and children sizing is changing

Maxomorra 2016 size chart

DUNS Sweden and More than a Fling sizing guide

DUNS Sweden 2015 size chart

Geggamoja sizing guide

 Geggamoja 2015 size chart small

Living crafts & Engel sizing guide

 Living Crafts 2015 size chart