Living Crafts


Living Crafts are a GOTS certified manufacturer and have been producing organic clothes for children for about 25 years. Living Crafts have a range of organic underwear that includes organic briefs and boxer shorts for boys and organic vests and knickers for girls.

The company has a reputation for soft cotton and organic wool underwear that is suitable for sensitive skin and children that are affected by eczema. Organic cotton clothing is free from chemicals and pesticides that can irritate young skin.

Here is what Living Crafts has to say about its organic cotton and Merino wool / Mulberry silk clothing:

Organic cotton for every day. Organic cotton is not simply soft and sturdy, the fabric is also easy-care and therefore helps to preserve our environment. Our cotton is grown organically. It is processed gently and it does not contain any chemical additives. For this reason, our organic cotton fabrics are especially suitable for people who suffer from allergies in their skin. Our efforts to save the environment and to bless the soul have also been certified.

Living Wool / Silk. Our Australian merino sheep wool and the mulberry silk grown in India blend is especially hygroscopic and breathable at the same time. It keeps you warm and can still be machine-washed at 30° (wool cycle) with special detergents. Our wool is hand-shorn and processed without the use of chemicals. We do treat our Living Wool with enzymes. However, we only use natural ones such as papaya and sugarcane. We do not coat the fibre with chemical additives, either. As a result, our soft textiles made from Living Wool and blended with silk are particularly suitable for persons suffering from allergies and those with sensitive skin.

Green parents have trusted Living Crafts organic clothing for many years. Much of the childrens underwear in their range includes simple classic lines such as plain white knickers, cotton underwear, merino silk / wool blends at their finest. Kids underwear can sometimes seem like an advertisment for TV and Disney – not so with Living Crafts, where simplicity rules.

The simple cotton vests in the Living Crafts organic range easily double up as sleeveless t-shirts for the summer too. Economical organic purchasing can be realised! The durability of these organic kids clothes means that they will last well too and can be handed down through siblings.

The company is strongly committed to ethical behaviour as well as natural processes in its organic production techniques.


Frank Schell (Managing Director)
Frank Schell (Managing Director) Living Crafts
Sustainability is not a fashion term. Quite the opposite – and we were proud of this tradition. We have been successful in manufacturing eco-textiles for almost 25 years, applying environmentally friendly and socioeconomic methods. We value credibility, consistency, and trust, and as a result, we get to work a fresh day every day with joy and enthusiasm. Why? Because we believe that it’s the only way to create transparency and sustainability.