Organic merino wool and silk children’s underwear

Engel has been making children’s underwear from natural textiles since the 1960s. Engel now produces its children’s underwear range from GOTS certified organic cotton and the finest organic Merino virgin wool, natural organic Merino virgin wool with silk, and organic cotton with silk. All dyes used in their clothes are free from heavy metal and from AZO dyes and all metallic ingredients are free of nickel. No chemicals are used to finish the products, and all agents used are bio-degradable and non-polluting to air, soil and water. Materials come from natural renewable sources. All products are made in Germany.

At Uni and Jack our children’s underwear range from Engel includes organic 100% merino wool vests as well as wool and silk mix vests in bright unisex colours.


Engel Merino wool

Wool fibres are natural and have an affinity with human skin. Wool possesses qualities such as warmth retention, the ability to regulate humidity and it allows skin to breathe. Wool can absorb up to one third of its own weight of moisture and, if outside conditions allow, return it to the environment. Engel uses wool that comes from Merino sheep, so the virgin wool is finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cosy. The Merino sheep are organically farmed and therefore live a healthy and stress-free life, and pesticides are banned from the pasture as well as the animals themselves.

Engel Merino wool / silk blends

Merino virgin wool/silk blends are kind to the skin as they have the ability to regulate warmth and humidity. The Engel organic wool / silk base layer underwear collection is comprised a of 70 % organic merino virgin wool and 30 % silk mix. This proportion brings out the best characteristics of both the natural virgin wool and silk and to give a comfortable and long-lasting wear experience.


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As a founding member of the ‘Arbeitskreis Naturtextil e.V.’ and the International Association Natural Textile Industry e.V. as well as a main initiator of an international ecological textile standard, we will continue to be committed to superior ecological quality – for your skin and for the love of our environment.

Washing guide Engel Merino wool

Download this super helpful guide on washing wool as prepared by Engel

Engel washing wool guide