Sometimes it can feel that World Book Day has come around again before the dust has settled on last year’s outfit. For busy parents it is both a source of joy and panic in almost equal measure … or at least that it is how it feels in my household.

There is the joyful moment when your child stands for the glory photo, all smiles and ready to face school with prized book in hand. On the other hand this moment has often followed on from panic stricken last minute ideas and frantic negotiation with your darling child about what costume you have that can be metaphorically glued to the nearest book at hand. Sometimes there is a 48 hour panic buy from the supermarket or 24 prime delivery service from a well known and well-stocked global rainforest corporation. So, here are a few ideas to help you out .. bright and eco-friendly prints from brands such as DUNS Sweden, Maxomorra, Meyadey, Villervalla, and Piccalilly with some matching book ideas thrown in for good measure.

You may have prints in the wardrobe already or check out our stock and mention WORLD BOOK DAY in the order comments if you are in need of first class post (we post out Monday – Friday, order before 1pm).

The beauty of these outfit ideas is that the clothes can be worn again and again so they are not flimsy costumes worn once and consigned to the bottom of the wardrobe. … and they are all made from GOTS certified organic cotton, so kind to the planet and their makers. Our prints at Uni and Jack are also sibling friendly, unisex designs, that can be shared and worn again so who knows, this made be a World Book Day outfit you can bring out another year too!

Please do share your outfit ideas with us :\\u00a0Instagram:\\\\u00a0#uniandjack


Maxomorra Tiger print with The Tiger Who Came to Tea with kind permission to share by LH

Maxomorra mushroom prints make the perfect accompaniment to any witch outfit, and most fairytale themes. Mix and match prints to create an easy win!

Maxomorra bears are a great option to go with the classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen



\\u00a0DUNS Sweden radish prints can be brought out for a quick win on any Peter Rabbit themed outfit.\\u00a0



DUNS Sweden floral prints can be matched with Flower fairy poems by Cicely M Barker\\u00a0

Non-fiction books are perfect for World Book Day too!

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